The Urban & Rural Clan Movement

As the nation state collapses we must ask ourselves, beyond my family and neighbours, who am I? What are the hallmarks of organic societies -v- synthetic societies?

The seed of society begins with the self of the individual and expands to his or her family. This extends to neighbours and a group of families which become a Clan. In time, due to proximity they will become related by blood and the Clans will form tribes. The Clan is therefore pivotal to the natural state of society.

The “Clan” is the antidote to the “Gang.” On the face of it, they may appear similar, but they are conceptually different. One (the Gang) is rooted in Gangsterism and lawlessness, whilst the other (the Clan) has a long and noble tradition, rooted in the protection of the individual, the family and the tribe. In these institutions lay the Rights of Man.

History has taught us that the foundations of a Nation State are often synthetic and far from natural. Our commitment is to develop a Quantum Society through ARUK COMMUNITIES governed by the Spiritual Awareness innate in the naturally emerging Communities.

The values, aims and objectives at the heart of this Global Movement are Love, Respect, Justice & Peace.

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